Digital Media


In 2021, the company approached Lumark to take over the Social Media Management of their 4 main official Social Media channels consisting of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.

entrusting Lumark with the responsibility of managing their brand’s image through social media and giving the company more exposure in the digital sphere, giving a target of 22 million social media impressions in three months.

After meeting with the companies Managers and carefully listening to their needs and goals, Lumark’s task force of Social Media Management professionals, Creative Writers, and Graphic Designers Drew plans to achieve the ambitious target and exceed it.

Considering the audiences of each platform and the three languages (Kurdish, Arabic, English) they serve content in, The team took different approaches for each.

The team began creating Media campaigns, Post designs, Promotions, and Video ads to convey our client’s message in the most straightforward and intuitive ways to the biggest audience possible.

Each post was more refined than the previous one by emphasizing customer feedback and viewer impressions.